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Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet

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Making learning fun can help kids learn more. It helps keep their interests up in what you have to teach them. Teaching them to read and spell using only pen and paper will not take long before kids lose interest and show signs of boredom. You may need some fun educational toys such as this Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet to help.

The Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet is a multi-purpose educational toy that can make learning fun for kids. It comes with colorful magnetic letters and pictures that kids can move around on a magnetic board. Use it to form words for developing a child’s reading and spelling skills. Use the pictures to teach kids how to identify different animals and other everyday objects. The double-sided magnetic board also doubles as a portable blackboard on the other side for kids to write on using a dry-erase pen. There are permanent lines on both sides of the board to make it easy to write or place the magnetic letters in a straight line. The Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet comes with two support feet if you need to make the tablet stand vertically. The magnetic board also snaps into its base to create a convenient storage case for all the magnetic pieces. The Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet is available at Fat Brain Toys for $33.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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