Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic

When you have kids at home, you know just how they can be quite active and energetic. They can also be quite creative in making a mess around the house. But that may be because the kids do not have any outlet available to express their creative or even artistic sides. It pays to provide kids tools or toys that serve as their outlet for their creativity and the need to make art. The Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic is a fun tool they can use just for that very purpose.

The Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic is a unique way for kids to draw using yarn. Yes, kids will play with yarns of various colors and use them to create interesting artwork using a special tablet with a Velcro-like surface. Kids will use a special stylus where the yarn passes through and allows the kids to “write” with it on the Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic tablet surface. The yarn sticks onto the Velcro-like material on the tablet surface. The yarn effectively sticks where kids try to direct the stylus on the tablet surface.

With the Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic, kids can become quite creative drawing with different colorful yarns. The back of the tablet comes with a whiteboard that comes with a grid where kids can draw out a design and then recreate the same design using yarn on the flip side. The Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic helps develop a child’s fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination along with their creativity. It is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above. The Quercetti Filo Tablet Basic is available at Fat Brain Toys for $35.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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