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Pump Rocket Micro Shotz

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Playing with rockets and other flying objects can be fascinating for kids. Sending things flying is just so fun and enjoyable. The longer or farther the objects fly, the better. For smaller kids, having a simple and safe way to play with such toys is always first and foremost in every parent’s minds. The Pump Rocket Micro Shotz may be as safe as such toys can get.

The Pump Rocket Micro Shotz allows kids a safe way to send rockets up in the air. It does not require complex parts nor does it use risky projectiles to blast through the air. The Pump Rocket Micro Shotz comes with three foam rockets that can safely fly up to 60 feet into the air. Since they are made out of foam, parents need not worry about hard falling objects when their kids play with the Pump Rocket Micro Shotz.

The launcher works with air-pressure to launch the rockets into space. The hand-held device comes with a bendable tube that will allow kids to aim where the foam rockets should go. One squeeze can send the rockets up into the air. It will be quite fascinating for kids just how much strength they have on their hands to send a rocket flying into the air. The Pump Rocket Micro Shotz is available at Fat Brain Toys for $7.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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