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Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set

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Cars already are quite fascinating for young kids. Toddlers will usually love to get their hands on such toys. But if most toy cars are not yet that safe for toddlers, the Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set from Melissa and Doug may be the ideal choice for parents.

The Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set is a set of toy cars that is designed for added safety among toddlers who like to play with them. The toy cars are made with soft fabric, down to the wheels of the toy cars. Kids can pull back on the car and see it accelerate and go forward when they release their grip. Kids only need minimal pull back effort to see the toy cars accelerate.

The Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set comes with four different colorful toy cars to play with. The wheel mechanism can be detached from the soft fabric body easily, to allow parents to wash the fabric body clean. The wheelie insert can be easily wiped clean and sanitized as well.

The Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set also helps kids develop their motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. It can also help toddlers some much needed physical activity when at play. They just pull back, release and crawl to retrieve the toy car for another go. Toddlers would love playing with the Pull-Back Vehicles Toy Set. It is available at Melissa and Doug for $25.

Image Source: Melissa and Doug

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