Professors’ Puzzle Club – Pentomino

Puzzles help kids develop how they think. The mental challenges sharpens the mind and even helps develop thinking out of the box. Puzzles also provide the necessary mental exercise those young minds need to improve. Puzzles like Professors’ Puzzle Club- Pentomino can help provide such challenges.

The Professors’ Puzzle Club- Pentomino is a puzzle composed of 12 pentominoes, wooden geometric pieces created from 5 equal units each. Kids can then try to create different shapes and objects using the puzzle pieces with the use of a Pentomino Puzzle Book. There are easy puzzles to start with and then kids can progress to the harder ones with only a couple of possible solutions. From geometric shapes to even animals, kids will have fun solving the puzzles in the Professors’ Puzzle Club – Pentomino set.

The Professors’ Puzzle Club – Pentomino can help kids learn the concepts of plane geometric as well as combining different shapes. It also helps them develop their shape planning as well as their problem solving skills. Designed for kids from 6 years old and above, the Professors’ Puzzle Club – Pentomino is available at Fat Brain Toys for $10.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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