Princess And Fairy Cube Puzzle

Whenever you say puzzle games, some kids will groan with displeasure while others jump with excitement. After all, kids may have different tastes when it comes to toys they enjoy playing. There are even some kid girls love the challenge of solving puzzles even at an early age. Nurture their love for puzzles by giving them this Princess And Fairy Cube Puzzle.

The Princess And Fairy Cube Puzzle is a simple and yet challenging puzzle the kid girls will certainly love solving. Designed with girls who love puzzle sin mind, the Princess And Fairy Cube Puzzle comes in different wooden cubes with scenes that kids need to complete. The added challenge lies in that each cube face comes with parts of different scenes. There is a princess in the garden, a fairy playing a lute, a fairy dancing on lilies, a princess singing with a bird and more. A flip of the cube and you get to see a piece of a puzzle from a different scene.

The Princess and Fairy Cube Puzzle includes 16 wooden cubes printed with a part of an image of a particular scene on each side. Get the cubes in place the correct way in the included wooden frame and kids can complete a scene to solve a puzzle. It helps hone a child’s problem solving, logic as well as their fine motor skills. Ideal for kids from 3 years old and above, the Princess and Fairy Cube Puzzle is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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