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How To Develop A Child’s Interest in Astronomy

Many kids love to learn more about the different heavenly bodies they see in the night skies. It certainly helps a lot when they have fun learning about the sun, planets, moon and stars. They further build up their level of interest in astronomy even more. One tool that young astronomers will certainly like to have is this Primary Science Shining Stars Projector.

The Primary Science Shining Stars Projector is a handheld portable projector that is designed for kids to learn more about the basics of astronomy. It can project images into any flat surface clearly for up to 10 feet. Kids can then insert a disc that features 8 different images of various heavenly bodies. Kids can also turn the lens of the projector in order to adjust the clarity of the projected image. They can turn the disc in order to switch from one image to another. The set comes included with three discs that contain different projections of heavenly  bodies. Disc One projects 8 different images of the planets. Disc Two projects clear and vivid images of the Earth, sun and the moon while Disc Three highlights images of space exploration.

The Primary Science Shining Stars Projector will enable kids to learn more about the interesting world of astronomy through pictures. Using the projector can also help kids learn about cause and effect by using this portable projector. Aside from developing an interest in astronomy among kids, the Primary Science Shining Stars Projector can also do double duty as a night light to create a relaxing projection of planets and stars in any kid’s room every time they go to sleep. The Primary Science Shining Stars Projector is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $22.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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