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How To Practice Your Free Throws With This Tabletop Basketball Set

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Sports is something that many kids get into once they become physically able. Basketball is just one sport that many kids find exciting. Even at a very early age, some of them just cannot wait to be able to handle a real basketball and be able to heave one really high to reach the ring. While some kids wait, this Tabletop Basketball set can be a toy the can play with for the meantime by shooting free throws with their fingers.

The Tabletop Basketball set is a simple and yet fun and exciting game of free throws for the kids. It comes with two basketball rings placed back to back in the middle of a wooden block designed to look like a free throw court. There are flippers on both ends along with a pair of tethered balls for each ring. Kids can try shooting hoops on the small ring by powering the flippers with their fingers to send the tethered ball inside the hoop. It will take a bit of finger control and hand-eye coordination in order to successfully get the ball into the hoop. There are also five pegs on the side that act as markers for each free throw made. Two players can shoot free throws at the same time to see who can get six points the fastest.

The Tabletop Basketball set can introduce kids to the game of basketball if they haven’t been able to play it yet. It also helps develop their fine motor skills as well as help keep them interested in sports. This toy set is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $14.

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