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Popar Human Anatomy 3D Chart

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Kids can learn many things if parents can make learning fun. Kids can retain what they learn if they put their focus into what they are taught. Fun is something that will keep a kid’s interest up, especially when trying to learn about the human anatomy. Use some technology in this case by using the Human Anatomy 3D Chart from Popar Toys.

The Popar Human Anatomy 3D Chart is an interactive paper chart that does more than just show the human anatomy. This wall poster features augmented reality technology to bring the images to life. Kids can learn about the human anatomy using 3D images when they view it from a tablet or smartphone. First, download the free Popar Interactive Anatomy Chart app at the App Store or Google Play. Use the camera of the device to view the chart and see the images come to life in 3D.

Using the portable device, kids can play exciting games and learn interesting facts about the human anatomy. Kids can also interact and explore the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body in a more exciting way. Interaction comes by way of audio and visual inputs. It is a fun way to help kids interested into learning about the human anatomy. The Popar Human Anatomy 3D Chart is 42″ high and 32″ wide, a good enough size for kids. The chart can occupy a wall in your kid’s room. This interactive 3D chart is available at Popar Toys for $17.

Image Source: Popar Toys

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