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Pop & Slide Shelly

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When kids learn how to grasp things, they also become curious about many things. As soon as they learn how to use their hands, they start trying to grab hold of things and look them up from up close. Over time they will begin to develop more control over their fingers and learn how to move them they way they want to. Toys like the Pop & Slide Shelly can certainly help kids develop their motor skills but also to help them with developing other skills as well.

The Pop & Slide Shelly is a toy turtle that can help the kids develop through tactile learning. Kids will be on their way to discovering and learning different things through their sense of touch. In the case of the Pop & Slide Shelly toy, kids will also be having fun while playing. The toy turtle comes with a shell featuring seven different colored hexagons  with holes in the middle. Inside the turtle shell comes with colored balls that act as buttons that that snap back snugly to the hexagonal slots. Kids can try to rearrange the buttons to snap into similarly colored hexagons by sliding the buttons to pop right out.

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There are other things that the kids can discover when they play with the Pop & Slide Shelly. They can learn how to match the button and slots of the Pop & Slide Shelly. It also aids in helping kids better at color matching. The toy can also be used as a sensory exploration tool for kids and teaches them about cause and effect learning. The Pop & Slide Shelly is ideal for kids from 10 months old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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