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Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker

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It is important for kids to stay fit even while young. The best way is to provide them with healthy food and the right amount of physical activity. For many kids today, it is the latter that seems to be lacking. Young ones get to spend fewer time at a physical activity when they can have fun playing video games, watching cartoons on TV or by using a tablet or smartphone. Even while your kids usually stay at home, don’t let that be the reason why they do not have enough physical activity to keep fit. Toys like the Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker will ensure that the kids will have just that, but in a fun way.

The Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker is a unique transportation device for the kids that will also help them stay fit. It is designed as a pedal platform with four wheels and vertical handles on both sides. Kids can ride and make it move by making the usual pedal motion just like when they ride a bicycle. It can be fun and keep the kids engaged in doing more physical activity for their personal fitness.

The Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker is not just a way to add some physical activity into your child’s day-to-day play. it also helps kids develop some important skills such as balance and coordination. It also helps develop their gross motor skills as well as their core strength. This unique toy and exercise device is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $43.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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