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Playstix Super Set

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Many kids love to create things even at a very young age. You could say that it may be due to their wide interest with their surroundings and everything they see. Their curiosity gets them to try doing things with what they can hold in their hands. From there, kids usually try to make sense of what they can do. In such instances, having kids with building blocks helps develop their creativity. The Playstix Super Set will ensure that kids will have a lot of things to build using their imagination.

The Playstix Super Set is a building set that comes with building pieces that stack up and snap together. The different pieces that come in a variety of colors can fuel a child’s mind to create something unique. The pieces stack together like what you might do with log building sets. But they also have a feature that allows the pieces to snap together in place. With over 400 pieces to work with, kids will have lots of building fun with the Playstix Super Set. The building set comes with a booklet that provides instructions on how to use the kit’s “Snap and Lock” feature to create structures that does not easily fall apart.

The pages of the booklet also provide instructions on how to build over 50 different building projects. Once kids learn about the tricks of using the building pieces, they can then try building something out of their imagination. The Playstix Super Set helps kids develop their fine motor skills and helps sharpen their visual-spatial skills as well as logic, not to mention harnessing their creative energy into a fun and worthwhile activity. The Playstix Super Set is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $76.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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