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Playmobil E-Rangers Headquarters

by dennis

Kids love to play with toy houses. Their imaginative minds help them create stories as they arrange and move objects and even toy humans in and around the home. But if it is just an ordinary house, some of the boys would not usually find it that appealing sometimes to play with. This Playmobil E-Rangers Headquarters toy set will help change that.

The Playmobil E-Rangers Headquarters a modern twist to playing with toy house set. This time, kids can play with the modern features of a futuristic headquarters of the E-Rangers. The space age station comes with a detachable roof that allows kids to play with the objects found inside. This play set comes with four Playmobil E-Ranger figures. There is also a personal transporter that can convert into a jet or a helicopter. There is an on-board computer that features a changing display along with a working LED spotlight and KO cannon. It even has a working solar cell.

The Playmobil E-Rangers Headquarters play set is powered by three 1.5-volt micro batteries. It measures 14″ x 11″ x 9.8″ and weighs around seven pounds. It is designed for kids 4 years old and up. The Plymobil E-Rangers Headquarters is now available at the Playmobil site for US$130.

Image Source: Playmobil

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