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How to Play With Gear Puzzles Using Coggy

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Puzzles help kids develop their mental skills at an early age. In a way, it also helps improve their capacity to think. Playing different varieties of puzzles can help teach them how to approach solving the puzzles. Playing with the Coggy puzzle set can do just that.

The Coggy puzzle set is a unique puzzle that kids would love to try. It features a chain of gears that comes with different designs and can be moved to create different designs. The set also comes with challenge cards that provide a certain gear pattern that kids can try to copy by moving each gear to an intended place. Whether they try to coil, zig-zag or turn the gears into different shapes, it is all up to the kids on how to find the solution to the puzzle. Each of the gear can be shifted in its place relative to the next gear up to 255 degrees.

Playing with the Coggy puzzle offers different levels of challenges. One side features gears with black and white design while the other side comes with uniquely colored gears. It comes with 40 challenge cards that kids can try solving. It helps encourage critical thinking, develop visual-spatial skills as well as help improve their problem solving acumen. Ideal for kids from 6 years old and above, the Coggy puzzle is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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