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Play-Doh Double Desserts

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Kids love to play with clay and making different figures with their hands. But some toys today offer a better way to play with some moldable clay. Kids can now recreate their favorite desserts with colorful clay using the Play-Doh Double Desserts toy set.

Play-Doh has become a popular toy among kids when it comes to molding different figures using a clay-like modeling compound. The company makes it even more fun for kids by coming up with tools or kid-friendly machines to help them mold different things out of Play-Doh. In the Play-Doh Double Desserts toy set, it is delicious desserts. Kids can have fun using Play-Doh of different colors to create pretend cakes and frosting, ice cream and other delectable treats.

The Play-Doh Double Desserts toy set comes with a play set base, oven, oven molds, server, scoop, 2-piece extruder, two cans of Play-Doh and two cans of Play-Doh Plus modeling compound. It is a complete play set to give children a fun way to create their own desserts. But parents should be careful to teach kids that these are not edible, no matter how tasty the make-believe Play-Doh cakes may come out. The Play-Doh Double Desserts is designed for kids from 3 years old onwards and is available at Toys R’ Us for $15.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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