Plasma Car Ride On Toy

I bought 2 PlasmaCar when my kids were 1 year and half old.  We have them since almost 2 year now.  This is one of the best toys I bought to my twins.  This is the best ride on toy you can get for your kids.

The Plasma Car from PlaSmart is an innovative ride-on toy that makes the best use of your children’s inexhaustible source of energy. This toy doesn’t require batteries, pedals or electronics of any kind. It uses pure inertia, centrifugal force and friction to power its motion. The kid simply turn the steering wheel left and rights to move.

PlasmaCar is very quiet, safe and inexpensive. The car is made of highly durable plastics and is recommended for use on smooth, flat surfaces and is not recommended for hardwood floors. Carpet, grass, gravel, and other “rough” surfaces diminished the toy’s ability to propel forward.  This toy supports up to 220 lbs and is designed for ages 3+.  I have ridden it with my kids. It is fun! I can see using these PlasmaCar for few more years.

Like I said, I bought 2 when my twins were 1 year and half old and they play with them since that time.  They never get bored. They play with it everyday for last 2 years for at least 25 minutes.  They can maneuver very well getting around our furniture and kitchen island. It’s a great toy to get your kids active.

I ordered my PlasmaCar online.  When I unpacked the box it’s was easy to put the PlasmaCar together.  It’s took me only few minutes and required a rubber mallet and a screwdriver.

I think kids of any age will really like the PlasmaCar. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

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