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Planes Movie Review

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Planes is a new animated movie made as a spinoff for the film Cars. Instead of land vehicles, the story revolves around planes, more specifically on Dusty Crophopper. He is a small town cropdusting plane who dreams big about becoming a major highflying racing plane. But due to his plane design as a small cropduster, there are certain challenges that he needs to face.

Dusty’s fellow planes do not believe in his dream of becoming an air racer. He tries to prove it by entering into an international air race, pitting himself against faster and bigger planes. This is where the adventure starts.

Planes is a typical underdog movie where the small and weak main character surmounts all the challenges in order to stand out and move to the top. Kids who have watched the movie Turbo recently may somehow see the similarities in the plot- the underdog protagonist, the stronger antagonist and the race that pits them together. And sure enough, we all know who will come out on top in the end.

Kids who love to see underdog movies will surely love to watch Planes. Those who love everything about planes will also find the movie fun and entertaining. Animation is somewhat similar to Cars since the same studio, Pixar, produces it. But for those who expect something new to see, the movie does not offer anything significant. The movie follows a tried and tested formula for an animated movie that appeals to kids. The animation is great with some fast-paced scenes that are enough to get many of the kids’ attention. But the fun element for kids is there and that is what usually matters.

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