Pickles to Penguins Card Game

Kids love playing a good board game. Sometimes some games can be too complicated for the younger ones. It can sometimes be hard for them to follow the rules of game play that some board games come with. Some simple games just need a little creativity and imagination and less rules for the younger players to win. One example is the Pickles to Penguins Card Game.

The Pickles to Penguins Card Game is a fun, simple yet hilarious game. Even kids as young as 6 years old will find it fun and challenging as well. The game features 100 double-sided picture cards. The game starts with two of the picture cards set in the middle of the table. Players also get their own deck of cards to play with. The objective of the game is to place cards on top of either of the two center cards and then saying out loud what both cards have in common. A card with a picture of a car and another with an airplane can go together as modes of transport. The game then becomes more exciting as players try to frantically place their cards on the table and become creative in trying to match the pictures. The first player to get rid of all of his or her cards wins the game.

The Pickles to Penguins Card Game is exciting and frantic game that will have the kids develop their ability to associate or link different pictures or objects. The set comes with 100 cards along with a player’s guide. The Pickles to Penguins Card Game is available at Amazon for $30.

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