Pet Pals Chunky Puzzle

Kids love animals, especially pets. While they may get acquainted with pet dogs or cats, most kids will not be able other animals or even exotic pets. Parents need to teach them in order to satisfy their curiosity and interest. It also helps to get kids to know more about animals through toys like the Pet Pals Chunky Puzzle set.

The Pet Pals Chunky Puzzle is a great way to introduce kids to other animals that people can consider as pets. While they may already be familiar with dogs and cats, kids would likely be also interested to know more of other pets such as fishes, birds and others. This toy set will help them identify pets in the form of colorful animal wooden blocks. There are seven animals included in the set and they all have matching slots in the wooden puzzle board.

With the Pet Pals Chunky Puzzle set, kids will be able to know about other pets and how they look like. Not only that, kids can also try the challenge of matching the animal wooden blocks to their respective slots on the puzzle board. Playing with this puzzle set helps kids develop their fine motor, visual-spatial, and matching skills. This toy can also encourage kids to be creative by engaging in imaginative play using one or several of the colorful animal wooden blocks. The Pet Pals Chunky Puzzle set is ideal for kids from one year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $9.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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