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Peekaboo Sound Boxes

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Developing memory is important for kids. One good way to do that is through fun memory games. Adding a bit of a challenge to such games may further help stimulate the mind to remember different things. Adding a sound component to memory games will be able to do that. The Peekaboo Sound Boxes belong into such a toy.

The Peekaboo Sound Boxes is a unique type of memory game in that it makes use of sound to help you remember instead of just your eyes. It features wooden cubes with plastic handles that contain different objects that produce a variety of sounds. The cubes come with a translucent acrylic base to let players see what is inside. Place the different cubes on the wooden base and give each one a shake. Try to find the cubes that sound alike and check whether correct by looking at the translucent base.

The Peekaboo Sound Boxes provide an easy yet fun way to develop a child’s memory. It also helps in the auditory development as well as improve concentration. The Peekaboo Sound Boxes is available at Fat Brain Toys for $39.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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