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Ozobot Mini Robot

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Toy robots today come in many shapes and sizes. But they all were made to provide a fun and exciting playtime activity for kids. And as technology advance, these robots tend to become even more and more complex. One example is this new Ozobot Mini Robot.

The Ozobot is a small robot that kids can play on its own or with a tablet. Despite its size, the Ozobot can do a variety of things. Measuring only an inch in diameter, the Ozobot comes with a photo sensor that can distinguish colors, patterns, light and codes. It can also automatically detect whether it is on a physical or a digital (on top of a tablet) surface. It also comes with dual micro motors that can make it move. Users can move and direct an Ozobot to go in a certain direction using lines of different colors. This tiny robot is programmed to do a certain action for a particular colored line.

With this function, there are a lot of exciting applications that can be developed for the Ozobot. Two of the tiny robots can race together on a created racecourse using lines. Games can be developed to take advantage of what the Ozobot can do. This robot is capable of making independent decisions based on random logic. Its rechargeable LiPoly battery can go for 40 minutes of play on a full charge. A full charge can be reached in 40 minutes. Game apps for the Ozobot will be available for download at the iOS and Android devices. Its exterior can also be customizable to feature a favorite character or image. The Ozobot Mini Robot is expected to come out sometime this winter. It is expected to cost around $50 or more when it comes out in the market.

Image Source: Ozobot

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