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Outrageous Science Experiment Kit

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It is not surprising that kids love to explore and experiment. Science particularly has that effect on some of them. But explaining about science through lessons can simply be boring. Kids love to be more hands on trying to discover about science. If you want to add some fun element to their science discoveries, you can try giving your kids this Outrageous Science Experiment Kit to play with.

The Outrageous Science Experiment Kit is a wonderful science kit to give to a young budding scientist. It comes with special polymers that kids can do experiments with. Kids will be fascinated making instant snow by adding water to a special polymer powder as it transform into a moldable snow-like substance. Kids only need to let it dry to bring the polymer back to its original form. Other experiments include making squishy polymer spheres and crystals, see the world upside down through the Clear Sphere, which functions like an eyeball, and create crystal rainbows in a test tube.

The Outrageous Science Experiment Kit comes with super strong plastic test tubes with screw tops. Aside from the special polymers, the kit also comes with color fizzing tablets, pipettes, mixing tray, plastic cups, blue scoop and a color wheel. There are also common household object needed in the experiments that do not come with the kit. Once the necessary ingredients are completed, the experiment kit aims to help kids learn more about science in a captivating way. The Outrageous Science Experiment Kit is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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