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Osmo iPad Game For Kids

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Kids love to play some games. They enjoy the challenge and have fun with trying to come out being the winner in the end. Most kids today love games with the modern and high tech twist. It may not necessarily be in the mold of video games. But kids do gravitate towards games that they can play with their tablets or smartphones. This Osmo iPad Game for kids will surely fit right into this mold.

The Osmo iPad Game is a unique game about puzzles that kids will love. Kids play with this puzzle set with the help of their iPad. The puzzle set comes with three games kids can choose from- Words, Newton and Tangram games. There are letter and shape tiles kids can use to play the games. Next, kids need to download the three game apps into their iPad for free at the iTunes Store. Once that is done, kids then attach the reflector into the iPad and let it stand on the base. Then the kids can try out the games.

With Words, kids can try to come up with the word that correlates to an image on the iPad by using the letter tiles. Kids place the letter tiles in front of the iPad to fill in the blanks or complete the words. In the Tangram game, kids can use the shape tiles to try and imitate the image of shapes indicated on the tablet. The Newton game requires kids using pen and paper to try and connect the falling beads to targets by drawing lines.

The Osmo iPad Game is interesting twist to the usual puzzles and games kids play. Using the iPad along with the puzzle and letter pieces makes it more fun and interesting for many kids to try out. The Osmo iPad Game is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Firebox for 70 UK Pounds or around $109.

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