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The Original Spirograph 3D

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Many kids are aware of the Spirograph and the designs they can make using the tools that come with the toy set. It is a worthwhile activity for kids to do in order to help hone their creativity and imagination. For kids who might have grown accustomed to the activity and are looking out for something new, this Original Spirograph 3D is a good thing to try out.

The Original Spirograph 3D is a new and unique twist to the Original Spirograph set. This time, kids will be able to create symmetrical and colorful patterns and images in 3D. To create one, kids will be using a blue and red marker on the Graph Pad. There are instructions that they need to follow when using the Spirograph tools available. Once a design is finished, kids put on the 3D glasses and watch the impressive 3D images that come out.

Another way to create 3D images is by using a black pen on the Pattern Pad. When a design is done, put on the 3D glasses and spin the design. Kids will notice that 3D patterns start to come out of the page. This art and drawing toy is a good way for kids to explore the different ways they can create colorful patterns and shapes and view them in 3D.

The Original Spirograph 3D set comes with 7 Spirograph wheels, a precision ring, a precision rack, 8 markers, 3 fine-point design markers, 3D Spirograph glasses, a 24-page 3D graph pad and a 24-page 3D Pattern Pad. The set also includes 20 sheets of design paper along with 21 ounces of reusable Spiro-Putty. A 16-page Design Guide is also included to help instruct kids how to create impressive 3D patterns and images with the Original Spirograph 3D play set. It is an ideal creative drawing activity for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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