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Oregon Scientific MEEP Kid’s Android Tablet

by admin

When it comes to toys, technology has increasingly become a big part in their development. And with the advent of digital technology, many toys have somehow advanced into something that even adults will sometimes find fascinating and useful. The MEEP Android Tablet for kids may be just the toy.

The MEEP Android Tablet by Oregon Scientific makes a popular device today and designs it with kids in mind. Just for the fact that it is a kid’s tablet that it may be considered a toy. But in many ways, it may even be considered a device that adults can use.

The MEEP Android Tablet comes with a 7 inch Neonode zForce touchscreen display and with a 4GB SSD and an SD slot for an additional 64GB of storage when needed. It runs on the Android 4.0 OS and also comes as WiFi ready, with USB connectivity and with G-sensor that has become a common feature in most tablets today. A rugged housing with a silicon rubber sleeve makes it ideal for kid’s use.

And since it is designed for kid’s, the MEEP Android Tablet for kids comes with kid-friendly games and apps. And for concerned parents, the MEEP tablet also comes with intuitive Parental Control technology that allows parents to set limits on using the tablet remotely from a mobile device or from a PC connected online. The MEEP Android Tablet for Kids is expected to come out sometime in August and will cost around US$149.

Image Source: MEEP Tablet

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