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Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit

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Kids are usually interested in what grown-ups do. They always try to emulate what they see and try to do it themselves just as how they see it. This can help in their gradual development in learning different skills. Toys that can help encourage these activities like the Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit set is therefore quite useful.

The Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit is a set of wooden fruits that kids can cut in half using a child-safe wooden knife.  Kids can try some role play by imitating mommy cutting fruit in the kitchen. Kids can start cutting an orange, a banana, and a big slice of watermelon. Velcro-like fasteners provide the ideal resistance when kids use the wooden knife. It will feel like they are cutting real fruit.

The Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit helps kids develop their fine motor skills as they try to learn cutting fruit using child-safe cutting tools. It also helps teach them about cause and effect as well as encourage imaginative play and role playing skills. The The Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit is ideal for kids from two years old and above. The toy set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $17.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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