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Around the time kids have better control of their mobility, they begin to explore their surroundings more and more. Their fascination for everything around them increases. It is also around this time that they tend to learn new skills and abilities as their development continues. It is also a good time for parents to help them in this aspect by giving the kids some learning toys to play with. The OombeeCube is just one example of such a toy.

The OombeeCube is a colorful rubberized cube designed for learning while kids play. It comes with shapes attached to a string that corresponds to the cutout spaces of the same  shape on the cube. Aside from the bright colors, kids will be attracted to the challenge of trying to place the right shapes on the cutout spaces on the cube. Designed for little hands,  kids can use the OombeeCube to learn more about their tactile senses as well as learn about shapes. It is made of 100 percent food-grade silicone, making it an ideal safe toy that kids can even use as a teether.

When playing with the OombeeCube, kids will surely be able to enjoy the challenge and have fun learning how to place the right tethered shapes on the cube. It will help the kids develop their visual-spatial as well as their fine motor skills. It can also aid in sensory development and learn more about shapes and colors. The OombeeCube is ideal for kids from toddlers from 10 months and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $17.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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