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Ogre & Monsters Foam Construction Set

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If you ask kids, monsters are not necessarily bad. They might not look nice, but they can be fun to play with. There are kids who are scared of them and those who find them fascinating. If you have a kid who belongs to the latter, then this Ogre & Monsters Foam Construction Set will be a fun toy to have these upcoming holidays.

If you have a monster-loving kid, then he or she may like to create unique and scary monsters using the Ogre & Monsters toy set. It features a wide array of legs, arms, eyes, teeth, claws and tails that kids can assemble and reassemble to create different kinds of monsters. The toy set includes 229 foam pieces of different body parts and 51 plastic connectors. There are instructions included for kids to start off creating 4 creatures- Smelly Ogre, Sea Gruff, Hairy Scary and Two Face. Kids can also mix and match to create other unique monsters.

The Ogre & Monsters toy set is made up of durable heavy foam pieces that can last and withstand any kid’s prying hands. This toy set encourages a kid’s creativity when creating unique monsters, logic when assembling the different body parts, and motor skills to help them master using their hands. The Ogre & Monsters is designed for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $28.

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