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OGOBILD with AnimateIt! – Studio Kit

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Kids just love cartoons and animation. It is the color and the interesting characters that seem to make them lovable and exciting to watch. Kids sometimes may become fascinated with not only cartoons but also stop-motion animation, which is of a different class of entertainment altogether. It will then be interesting with kids if they can experiment with creating animation on their own. They can now do so with toys like the OGOBILD with AnimateIt! Studio Kit.

The OGOBILD with AnimateIt! Studio Kit allows kids to dabble in stop-action animation by building their own wacky characters using the different OGOBILD pieces. There are 105 different pieces to explore and create different interesting characters to start making stop-action animation. The set also includes an HD Webcam with a suction base and a flexible neck for easy handling and setting up. The set also comes with the Animate It! software that will help kids start creating stop-action animation using their different OGOBILD characters. An accompanying booklet will help kids learn how to create stop-action animation using the software along with basic filming tips as guide.

The OGOBILD with AnimateIt! Studio Kit helps kids explore the world of animation and helps enhance their creativity and imagination. Creating their own stop-action animation can also give them a different way of having creative fun and experience a sense of accomplishment once they finish doing their own small animation film. The OGOBILD with AnimateIt! Studio Kit is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above and requires a computer for the webcam and the software. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $65.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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