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OffBeat Game of Rhythm

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Kids love some playful action now and then. Once they get bored playing the same games from their tablets or video consoles, they try to look for some other things to do. It helps that there are options like the OffBeat Game of Rhythm for kids to play with.
The OffBeat Game of Rhythm is a unique and engaging game that requires kids to challenge their focus and dexterity. The game involves players doing a sequence of actions provided for in the spinner containing action discs. Players need to follow the sequence of actions using their hands or voices. Five action discs are placed in the spinner which is then placed on the board. Players choose which quadrant they plan to play and then get ready. One player gives the spinner a spin and then starts the sequence of actions indicated on the action discs in a clockwise fashion. Players continue doing the action sequence until one player messes up and is disqualified. The remaining players continue doing the action sequence and the round ends after only one player is left. The winner can then choose to take any of the action discs from the spinner and then replace it with other action discs. Round two commences with a different set of action sequences. The game ends when one player is able to collect a total of six discs .
The OffBeat Game of Rhythm comes with a hollow game board with a spinner, 36 action discs and an a list of instruction on how to play the game. This game can help kids develop their memory and focus as well as help kids learn about sequencing. The game is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $20.
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