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Ocean A Photicular Book

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Books are meant to help kids discover about the world around them. It helps transport them to other places that they otherwise cannot visit personally. In a way, books help bring the world to them. Kids can then learn about the world through books in words or in pictures. For kids, pictures will initially stand out more since they are more visually stimulating. That is why books like the Ocean A Photicular Book will have such a fascinating impression among young kids.

The Ocean A Photicular Book features facts, images and animals that kids can find in the ocean. What makes this a fascinating read for kids is that it comes with moving pictures as kids turn each page. Kids can discover the different kinds of colorful fishes they can see when they go under the ocean. Each page comes with mesmerizing and colorful moving pictures along with the facts, figures and statistics about them and the ocean the fishes live in.

The Ocean A Photicular Book is an engaging way to teach kids about the ocean and the life that fills it. It can help spark that interest in kids into learning more about marine creatures and the environment they live in. The book comes with high quality hardcover binding and with strong, thick pages ideal for reading along with kids. The book was created by Dan Kainen with the essays written Carol Kaufmann. The book is published by Workman Publishing and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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