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Oball Twist-O-Round

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As babies grow, they usually like to do something with their hands. They love to grasp things they can get their hands into. It is part of their exploration and discovery of what they can do as they develop the skill of holding on to things. Parents only need to make sure that what the baby holds is safe to play with. If you wish to ensure that the baby has his hands full that he no longer has to grab onto objects that he shouldn’t, the Oball Twist-O-Round will do more than any other ordinary rattle.

The Oball Twist-O-Round is an interesting baby toy that will help stimulate early learning. Not only is it a teething baby toy, it is also helps develop the baby’s finger dexterity. The toy comes with different rings of various colors and textures. It helps stimulate the baby’s mind with regards to what they see and touch. As the rings move back and forth, it produces a clicking sound that engages the baby’s hearing ability. Babies can push, pull, grasp and chew on the baby toy as much as they wish.

The Oball Twist-O-Round is designed for safe teething. Its material is BPA free and fully safety tested. You can be assured that this will not do any harm to your child, no matter how hard they chew at it. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$8.

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