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By the time kids reach 4 years old, they begin to explore the world of books. It is by this time that they learn about the alphabet. They learn basic words and they become fascinated with reading books. Parents can help encourage this interest by surrounding kids with great books to read. The Simply Science Now I’m Reading! Books will help them not only to read but also to discover the wonderful world of science.

The Simply Science Now I’m Reading! is a series of books that deal with the basic concepts and fundamentals of science. It introduces kids to science concepts using engaging text and attractive illustrations to keep the kids glued to reading and discovering. The set comes with a total of ten books. Each one deals with different science concepts such as plants, animal life, space, earth science, anatomy, rocks and minerals, life cycles, weather, and water.
The Simply Science Now I’m Reading! Books gives an interesting twist to science topics that will motivate the kids to learn more. Kids also develop their comprehension skills along with learning about science. They also get to learn challenging vocabulary words and information. The book set also comes with a parent guide and forty stickers for some added fun to the reading activity. This early science book set is available at Fat Brain Toys.
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