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Noodle Speedoodle Game

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Kids can play many interesting games aside from the ones with the usual common themes. The unique ones can help keep kids from getting bored by playing the same games over and over again. Cooperative games are not only fun but also help kids interact more with others. Games like the Noodle Speedoodle provide an interesting twist in a usual game of word guessing.

The Noodle Speedoodle Game involves players choosing a word card and draw a clue to help players guess the word. But there is a twist to this game- players need to include one of the noodles in their doodles as part of the game. Not only that, they have only 30 seconds to draw the picture clue.

The Noodle Speedoodle Game helps players try to work together in guessing the word and not against each other. The players work against a common obstacle. Nobody is left out and everybody has fun. Integrating the noodles in the doodles also add some level of creativity and imagination in the activity. The game also helps kids learn how to work as a team and cooperate to achieve a common goal.

The Noodle Speedoodle Game comes with 1 doodle board, a dry erase pen, a spinner, a 30-second timer, 100 cards containing 300 words, 25 noodles and an instruction page. It is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. The game is available at Peaceable Kingdom for $25.

Image Source: Peaceable Kingdom

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