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Ninja Cargo Net

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Physical activities are important for growing kids. Parents always need to spur their children to become more active in order to keep them fit. Unfortunately, it is not always easy in these days of video games and portable gadgets. One way to keep the kids up and going is by having fun and exciting physical activities for them to do. Having this Ninja Cargo Net at home may be a good place to start.
The Ninja Cargo Net from Slackers NinjaLine is a strong and sturdy net attachment that becomes a would-be ninja’s training set. It measures 6.3 feet wide and 7.7 feet long. This net can be added into an existing Slackers NinjaLine for added challenges. The net becomes a maze for climbing ninjas in training to overcome. For kids who are starting out, anchor lines can be added to make this challenge a bit easier to do. Once they go adept at the challenge, the anchor lines can be removed to further make it become more challenging.
The Slackers NinjaLine Ninja Cargo Net is made up of strong webbing strap made out of polyester with nylon double stitching. It comes with 5 Delta carabiners for attaching into an existing NinjaLine obstacle course. It helps the kids develop their gross motor skills, strength agility, and general body coordination. It is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $54.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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