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Nerf Avengers Hawkeye Bow

by admin

Your kids will always emulate their favorite superheros, but sometimes they prefer the not so common ones like Spider-man or Captain America. Hawkeye may not be the superhero of choice when you were a kid, but the recently-released Avengers movie got them look up to Clint Barton because of his keen sense of marksmanship–not to mention the big bad bow he uses as a weapon.

Your children can fulfill their dreams of becoming like Hawkeye with the Nerf Avengers Hawkeye Bow by Hasbro. This long-range battle bow can launch arrows (three included in the purchase) up to 35 feet. It comes with a targeting scope for more accurate shooting and a folding storage capacity. The kids can finally hone their sense of adventure, along with precision targeting. Works for children ages 6 and above.

The Nerf Avengers Hawkeye Bow is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $29.99.

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