Kids are always fascinated with everything they can get their hands on. In effect, everything they can hold can become a toy . No matter how simple it may look, their active imaginations can always trigger many different ways to play with objects. The Nello toy can just be a perfect companion for any kid’s boundless imagination.

The Nello is made up of two concave rings and a small bowl made out of food-grade and child-safe HD-PE material that is also 100 percent recyclable. At first glance, the pieces may seem like just simple toys. But the way they are designed and nest into each other like a target makes them interesting. The Nello can be a lot of different things for a child- a bathtub, a target, a flying saucer, a candy tray, a marble run and many other things. Play is only limited by what a child can conjure up when playing with the Nello. It is an ideal toy for kids as young as a year old. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $16. Kinetic Sand is sold separately.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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