Neck of the Woods

Playing games is just as important for kids as learning to read or write. It helps them master certain skills that can complement actual study. Although it may be simple as well as fun, games like Neck of the Woods help make kids become more attentive and focused on activities, something that they can carry over in the classroom setting.

The Neck of the Woods is a simple game of stacking blocks one after the other. But there is a twist. The game features blocks designed to become a giraffe. The objective of the game is to stack the different blocks to reach the different levels of leaves for the giraffe to eat. There are three levels where the giraffe can get the leaves. The higher levels offer the most points. Kids take turns rolling the dice in order to know which block they need to stack. Kids need to stack the blocks until it reaches the highest level of leaves to get the most points. But kids need to be careful as well. If the blocks come tumbling down, they need to start all over again.

The Neck of the Woods game includes blocks composed of 4 giraffe heads, 4 giraffe bodies, 24 giraffe neck blocks, a tree based, two tree trunks, 3 tree top levels and 12 leaves and a special die. The pieces are made of soft yet sturdy foam ideal for kids to play with. The Neck of the Woods game helps kids develop their fine motor skills as well as their addition skills especially when they tally their points. The simple rules help make the game fun for the kids yet also a challenge to help them develop their focus and concentration. This game is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. Neck of the Woods is available at Fat Brain Toys for $26.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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