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Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy

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Toddlers love to hear sounds, especially music. They also love things that move and those with bright colors. These help stimulate the child’s early development and aids in their early exploration of their senses. The Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy serves as an ideal example.

The Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy features a soft beehive with a smiling plush bee inside. The plush bee is attached to a rope that babies can learn to pull. Once they do, it causes music to play and the rope to retract along the way. Babies can then watch the goes back into its beehive.

The Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy can be attached easily into a side of a cradle or stroller. The colors and the interesting shape can encourage babies to look towards it and grasp the smiling bee and pull. This helps develop the baby’s sensory and motor skills. It is a simple activity that parents can have within a child’s easy reach to keep them occupied and explore their immediate surroundings through touch. The kids will love the catchy melody and will try to grab at the smiling bee and pull, teaching them the basics of cause and effect.

The Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy aims to help develop a baby’s early physical, cognitive as well as social skills. The toy is designed for kids from 0 months and above. It is available at Melissa & Doug for $17.

Image Source: Melissa & Doug

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