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MushABellies AR Toys

by dennis

Toys nowadays are no longer just simple handy inanimate objects that kids simply hold and play with. Technology has lent its hand to the development of a new line of toys that also increase the level of interactivity that a child can experience while playing it. One of them is this MushABellies AR Toys.

What you can say about MushABellies when you see it first hand is that it is not just any ordinary toy. This new toy line makes use of Augmented Reality as a main feature to give it a higher level of interactivity. While some would see a just stuff toy, it actually is a set of toys that come with element clips and passports with 3 AR cards each. When used with a tablet or smartphone, these cards help turn the real world that the device captures with its camera into a game screen. That is because the cards activate creatures and targets that seem to come out of the card and into the real world.

Games include launching the AR Musahabelly character from one card using a card launcher and into a card target. The game can be seen through a smartphone or tablet with the real world as the backdrop. There are a hundred different ways of games that can be played with the MushABellies AR Toys. It also requires a smartphone or tablet in order to enjoy the AR experience. The MushABellies AR Toys is available at the MushABellies website for US$20 a set that also comes with free bonus items as well.

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