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Multi-Sensory Balls

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Babies love to explore and learn more about themselves once they are capable of doing things by themselves. They can crawl around and try to grasp at different objects that tickle their interest. They are starting to explore how their senses work and learn to understand them bit by bit. It helps to boost a child’s development at this stage by having toys like the Multi-Sensory Balls available.

The Multi-Sensory Balls are textured balls made out of soft material that can tickle a child’s curiosity. They are made to be colorful and bright to attract babies visually to them. The balls have small, soft nubs on the surface that makes them quite stimulating to a baby’s touch. The transparent green ball lets babies peer through the ball’s insides. The pink ball comes with a fruity scent that will stimulate a child’s sense of smell.

The Multi-Sensory Balls helps encourage toddlers to grasp, roll and squish the balls, developing their motor skills and coordination. It can also be used for giving the toddlers a relaxing body massage by rolling the balls on a child’s back, arms or legs. The Multi-Sensory Balls are made of durable, thick yet soft rubber. Each one is 3.5 inches in diameter, just ideal for small hands to grasp and play with. One set comes with a blue ball, a yellow ball, a green transparent ball and a pink scented ball. The Multi-Sensory Balls are available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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