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Mr. Knocky

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Give it to the Japanese to come up with quirky yet interesting toys for your kids. It is not necessarily those high tech toys that seem appealing. It is just that the Japanese touch seems to give some toys quite a funny and interesting take. This Mr. Knocky percussion toy is just one example.

The Mr. Knocky percussion toy is an interesting toy for the musically inclined kid. It is a robot-like character that can play the drums. Actually the kid will have to make the beat and Mr. Knocky just imitates what a kid plays by means of a wired hand trigger connected to the toy. Every time kids hold and press on the hand trigger Mr. Knocky then beats on a drum. It does not require batteries as the trigger is connected via a wire that also moves Mr. Knocky’s hands.

Mr. Knocky can play the two drums placed in front of it. kids can learn to create different beats to make percussion sounds they love to hear. For some variety, the plastic original drums can be replaced by other cans to produce unique sounding beats. Mr. Knocky is an interesting and yet unique toy for kids. Parents may consider it at just $35, considering the fun element it offers. You can check it out at the Japanese site Rakuten.

Image Source: Rakuten

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