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Mr. Color Maker

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Kids love to see colorful things. Bright colors tend to make things more appealing for them. It is also important for kids to learn about colors at an early age. Learning to identify different colors will help them appreciate their surroundings more. Parents only need to make learning about colors fun. One way to do it is by using Mr. Color Maker to do the job teaching the kids about colors.

Mr. Color Maker from TOMY is an electronic interactive color-learning toy that helps teach kids the basics of colors. It comes with a large paint pail, a large paintbrush and three smaller paint cans of red, blue and yellow. Toddlers can have different ways to have fun playing with Mr. Color Maker. One is by mixing colors into the big paint pail. When kids tip over a chosen small color paint can into the bigger one, nothing comes out. But kids will see the big pail light up with the chosen color of paint. Use the paintbrush to stir the pain in the big pail and kids will see the paintbrush light up to that color. Continuous stirring can make the color turn brighter and brighter.

Kids can also use Mr. Color Maker to mix different colors. Kids can mix colors from two small paint cans and create a new color by stirring it with the paintbrush. It will help kids develop the skill to create secondary colors out of the three basic colors. Not only that, Mr. Color Maker also speaks and can sing songs as you play with creating colors. But that is not all.

Mr. Color Maker also offers kids challenges for creating different colors. Kids only need to follow Mr. Color Maker’s instructions and directions to create different colors. The Mr. Color Maker helps develop the skills of color identification among kids. It also helps kids learn about cause and effect as well as learning to follow directions. It is a wonderful toy to have for kids who likes to learn more about colors. It is designed for kids from 2 years old and above. The Mr. Color Maker is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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