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MOSS Modular Robot

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It seems that many of today’s new toys are going robotic. At least that is what many toy makers are introducing in the recently concluded New York Toy Fair. There were robots galore for interested people to check out. What’s more, these robots are not just designed for adults. Kids can play with these robots as well. One of the recent ones introduced at the Toy Fair is the MOSS Modular Robot.

The MOSS Modular Robot is unique in the sense that kids may be able to build different robots with its modular parts. The robot building set comes with different white plastic cubes or blocks that is the basis for building the robot. Each corner of the cube modules is magnetic. Steel spheres can be attached to each corner and used to connect the different cube modules together. The cube comes with different functions- transmitter module, receiver, power source, and power relay. The different modules are color coded to identify them.

Aside from the modules, there are also that allow kids to create basic robots that can perform different functions. Kids can use the MOSS Modular Robot builder kit to create robots that move in different ways.  They can build a robotic transport, a remote controlled car, or a flashlight that kids can control using a smartphone or tablet via a downloaded app. It also helps kids understand more about robotics and the different technologies essential to making one.

The MOSS Modular Robot will be available in April of this year. Two options are available for pre-order- MOSS Basic Builder Kit for $150 and the MOSS Advanced Builder Kit for $400, which includes a complete set of parts for kids to make advanced robots.

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