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Moon Shoes

by admin

Kids will always go for the trendiest shoes available. They wanted it for Christmas years ago when they can light up; they wanted them for several Christmases after that when wheels are attached. This holiday season, this latest shoe trend for kids could get them jump with joy… jump really high.

Moon Shoes enable kids to jump higher than usual with its “anti-gravity effects,” which are actually mini-trampolines fitted in really high platform-style shoes. Its design keeps kids centered and balanced with its non-skid grip surface. The shoes are made of high-density plastic and comes with adjustable nylon closure straps. It can support up to 160 pounds and fits up to size 9 men’s shoe.

On paper, Moon Shoes help kids develop their balance and coordination. On the street, your kids may need a lot of practice (and confidence) before wearing them to the mall.

Moon Shoes, a product of Big Time Toys, are available on Amazon for $39.99.

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