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Monsters University Movie Review

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Monsters, Inc. made kids have a different look about these supposedly scary entities. Pixar and Disney made them lovable, fun and adorable instead in an animation about the life of a scarer. This is what made the animated film so popular among the kids. Here’s comes a prequel that aims to offer a look into the past of main characters in the first movie. This is the main storyline for Monsters University.

Monsters University takes place way before Sulley and Mike worked as scarers for Monsters, Inc. To be exact, the film is set when the monsters were still in college studying to be scarers. The plot is centered more on Mike who wanted to fulfill his ambition on becoming a scarer. There, he meets with up with Sulley for the first time, setting up the story on how the two became friends.

All in all, Monsters University is all about Mike and Sulley college life before they became scarers. They go through a number of zany adventures just like any typical college monsters. But Mike is serious about studying to become a professional scarer. Sulley on the other hand, is the happy-go-lucky type who just wants to enjoy college. The trials and challenges they go through while at the university are worth watching for. It also helps explain how Sulley and Mike ended up in Monsters, Inc.

While the small kids may still not be able to relate with anything college, they can associate with the challenges of going to school. Not to mention the fun and zany misadventures of the duo, Monsters University also has something to teach kids, how true friendship can endure. After all, Monsters University is a buddy movie set in a school for monsters. Kids will surely find the movie fun and full of laughs.

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