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Molecube Puzzle

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Different puzzles offer kids different kinds of challenges. But they all help to improve mental though processes and the way kids approach solving problems. These are all skills that they can use and develop further as they grow up. Puzzles are a good way to let them start developing these skills early. This new Molecube Puzzle can be just the tool to do that.

The Molecube is a unique brainteaser featuring a twisting and turning cube that comes with colorful spheres. It may be somewhat similar to a Rubik’s Cube in terms of function, but the way to solving the puzzles may be quite the opposite and more challenging. Instead of placing the sides of the same color together, the objective of solving the Molecube is to arrange the spheres of different colors on each of the cube sides. No two spheres of the same color should be on any of the sides of the Molecube. Now, that is a different challenge from the usual. Kids will have a different way of trying to look at solving this puzzle. Some may even twist and turn the cube and may not sometimes realize that they have already solved it. That is always a part of the thrill and the fun. What’s more, it is an ideal toy for kids from 9 years old and above. The Molecube is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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