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Mix It Up! Interactive Book

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Reading for kids is always a special time for parents and kids to bond. It can also be a learning activity as kids learn more about the habit of listening as well as develop their imagination. It also helps if the book comes with an interactive component to it. It does not have to be a complicated book. It can even be as simple as Herve Tullet’s new Mix It Up! Book about colors.

The Mix It Up! children’s book is an interesting book that will teach kids about color mixtures. Kids go through some interactive reading as they not only try to read, they also get to do things with instructions of what they need to do- touch here, a rub there, a quick shake, turn the page, and discover. The interactive tasks may be easy, but it actually helps kids learn and remember what they read through the book.

The Mix It Up! book is all about learning colors and what happens if kids mix them up. Kids will discover color mixtures and how they can adjust light and dark colors as well. Kids get to discover about colors and the interactive reading helps make what they learn stick into their minds. The Mix It Up! book helps encourage a child’s reading skills as well as get them engaged in learning about colors. They also learn valuable lessons about cause and effect. The Mix It Up! book is an ideal reading companion for both kids and parents alike. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $16.

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