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MiniSpinny Toy

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Fascination is an important ingredient in early learning for kids. It helps them develop an interest in something that they see, feel, hear and touch. When they become fascinated with a toy or game, it helps fuel their interest and will drive them to search, discover and learn.  The MiniSpinny Toy can do just that.

The MiniSpinny is a sensory toy that can be fascinating for kids while they play with it. It features a corkscrew pole that is fitted with large colorful propellers. The colorful propellers spin downward every time the pole is flipped upside down. Kids only need to flip over the pole again in order to enjoy it all over again. The effect can stimulate and improve the toddler’s growing brain.

The MiniSpinny Toy helps develop a kid’s fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, early color recognition as well as encourage sensory exploration. This toy is ideal for kids from 10 months amd above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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