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Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium

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In the eyes of most kids, the world is a fascinating place to explore and learn. Too bad, most of us parents tend to overlook the level of interest that our kids have upon their surroundings. We seem to have grown too acquainted with it that we no longer see it as that interesting. But kids are different. Parents can help keep their level of fascination with the world by nurturing their interest. For kids who are fascinated by plants, this Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium will surely help them explore the world of plants up close.

The Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium will help kids grow and care for their very own miniature garden even inside their own room. It features a glass terrarium sphere that becomes the hotbed for growing a miniature plant garden. Kids are provided with a germination disk, fairy gravel and seed packs for growing Great Blue Lobelias and Alyssums. These are easy-to-grow plants that will be a good introduction for kids just learning to cultivate and nurture plants.

To start, kids place the germination disk inside the Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium and add water. Kids can then start pouring seeds into the disk, depending on how they want the plants to grow. They can then use the colorful fairy gravel to design an ideal landscape inside the glass terrarium. Kids then only need to place the terrarium on a windowsill and add water as needed. In as little as two weeks, kids will be able to see their miniature garden blooming. The Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium comes with step-by-step instructions to help guide kids how to set it up. The terrarium is made of high quality thick glass with a durable construction. It will help kids develop their fine motor skills as they set up their personal terrarium. It will also help nurture their interest in plants and the science of botany. The Mini Fairy Garden Glass Terrarium is ideal for kids from 12 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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